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cindy crawford

Cindy Crawford is the second of three girls and four children. Her parents, John and Jennifer, now divorced. Brother Jeff was four years younger than Cindy, died of leukemia at when he was age 4 and Cindy was 8. Older sister, Chris, has always lived in the Chicago area as a teacher. Younger sister Danielle has worked in the peace Corp and worked most recently as production assistant on Cindy's film 'Fair Game'. She also appears in the film as a waitress. She now works on a dude ranch in Colorado. Before becoming a megamodel, Cindy detasselled corn, won a chemical engineering scholarship, and scored perfectly on her college calculus exams. Cindy attended Northwestern University but never graduated. Graduated Valedictorian of DeKalb High with a 4.0 avg.

Cindy Crawford's life is the classic rags to riches tale. Well, almost. No overnight sensation, it was rags or rather the clothing trade, that brought her to the rather lofty financial level as the highest paid, and probably the single most widely recognized supermodel. Commanding somewhere in the neighborhood of six to nine million dollars last year alone. Cindy was the spokesperson for Pepsi for a while, and her commercial introducing Pepsi's new look was a finalist for Advertising Age's "The Best Awards 1991." Her picture has graced the covers of over four hundred major international magazines. As the host of MTV's "House of Style," satellites beam Cindy and her world of fashion to the farthest reaches of the globe. Celebrating its Fifth Anniversary this year, "House of Style" remains one of the most popular shows on MTV. Crawford recently hosted her first special for the network which featured a behind-the-scenes look at "Melrose Place," "Saturday Night Live" and the White House as well as interviews with Shaquille O'Neal and Rosie O'Donnell. She's has also done at least calendars (including a new for 1996) and of the profit, half (I believe) goes toward fighting leukemia, and she has put out two exercise videos. Has a three year $3 million contract with Revlon. Appeared in print ads for JH Collectibles and Capezio Bags, and also in a series of lingerie posters for Hennes & Mauritz in Europe. The Norway police was forced to tore many of them down because they feared drivers were being too distracted. She is also the jewelry fashion spokesmodel for Kay Jewelers, part of the Sterling family of fine jewelry stores, which will launch a signature collection bearing her name soon. She has said she feels too old for runway modeling, and wishes to cut back to part time modeling. When first starting out Cindy was called "Baby Gia" after now dead Gia Carangi, the main difference being that Cindy was wholesome and Gia died from her lifestyle. The resemblance between them in the early years is uncanny. Appeared topless in the July 1988 Playboy. Quote: "I don't mind if someone thinks a picture of me decorates their wall nicely. It's weird when you think what people might be doing to it. But if you just the way I look can make someone feel good, that's a pretty easy way for me to bring them some pleasure. I just don't want to hear about graphics details,you know."

She was married to actor Richard Gere in Dec '91 at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, by Rev. Wes McPherson. They using wedding bands twisted from chewing gum wrappers. Cindy said , during an interview, they planned on having a child soon. Those plans, now of course canceled. Cindy is frequently rumored to be bisexual, and having an affair with Christy Turlington. In '91 they were photographed while kissing behind the Roxy nightclub in New York. The rumors have intensified since Cindy appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair shaving k.d. lang, a confirmed lesbian. On May 6, 1994, the London Times published a full page advertisement in which Cindy and Richard Gere proclaimed: "We are heterosexual and monogamous and take our commitment to each other very seriously". It cost them $30,000. The move to producing came for Cindy in 1992 with the highly successful "Cindy Crawford/Shape Your Body Workout." In addition to starring in the exercise video, which developed with personal trainer Radu, Cindy also served as an executive producer. Topping Billboard's Health and Fitness charts since its debut in October of 1992, the video has sold more than 2 million copies in the United States alone. Amazed at overwhelming response the workout tape, Cindy and Radu did it again with a follow-up release entitled "The Next Challenge." No surprise, true to form this tape also became a winner. The video is comprised of one complete workout program that features a "cross-training" approach to total body workout rather than the "circuit training" approach of the first video.

The same company who made the last 4 calendars has brought out the Cindy Crawford 1994 European Edition Calendar which has various pics taken from her last four calendars. Also, there is another calendar produced by an English firm which is of fairly poor quality (its only 12 month while the European Edition is 16 months). [Addresses for the two companies, CULTRE SHOCK and DAY DREAM CALENDARS, are in the addresses section the supermodel FAQ.] In 1992, Crawford hosted two specials for Fox TV "Concert for Life" dedicated to the memory of Freddie Mercury and broadcast live from Wembley Stadium, and "Stuntwomen World Tour '92," an exciting look at Hollywood's stuntwomen.

Cindy has apartments in New York City and Bel Air, California. Has cottages in Westchester, New York and a beach house in Malibu. She lives in the same New York City building as Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Winona Ryder. Dividing her time between New York and Los Angeles, Cindy Crawford is hard at work building her career from coast to coast when she's not starring in major motion pictures.

Forget about spring turning a young man's fancy to thoughts of love. It seems that the chill of winter has had quite a romantic effect on several Hollywood couples. For example, New York's Daily News reports that the on-again, off-again relationship of Val Kilmer and Cindy Crawford is apparently very much on. So on, in fact, that some guests in the Bel-Air Hotel can supposedly bear witness to the couple's passion. "You could hear the moans from their suite," says an unnamed source at the hotel. "For three days, Cindy and Val barely came up for air. The only thing they took time out for was room service." Well, they have to keep their strength up, after all. . . . Val and Cindy aren't the only passionate stars. People magazine reports two recent tales of P.D.A. (public displays of affection) by celebrities. Longtime couple Jerry Seinfeld and his much younger girlfriend, Shoshanna Lonstein, were spotted cozying up together at a recent art fair in Beverly Hills, while newlyweds Sean Penn and Robin Wright were caught in a deep kiss before Bruce Springsteen's October 25 concert in Santa Barbara. Okay everybody, time to let out that collective sigh. . . .

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